We have had over 300 responses to our RTA Reform survey. Thank you to all who took time out to complete the survey. The result showed that the majority of people surveyed want the 90-day no-cause to remain whilst the Property Management industry should be regulated.

Approximately 50 landlords and over 250 Property Management employees took the survey.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people surveyed want the 90-day no-cause to remain. Out of the small group that did say no, 85% of them worked in the Property Management industry.

Over 75% believe that tenants names should appear on Tribunal orders, even when they make the claim. 10% of Property Managers believe that tenants have the right to remain anonymous when the tenant claims.

This was split with no obvious majority. This question always creates a lot of debate. Of the 25% who are not sure, one can suspect that they will be ok but under a strict criteria.

This was very interesting to see. Over 60% of people who completed the survey believe that exemplary damages do need to increase. 63% of Property Managers believe they need to increase.

Again, another question that split opinion. There was no difference in the voting between landlords and Property Managers.

Tenancy Tribunal could become very busy with the introduction of the 90-day no-cause terminations. We believe it needs a lot of work to modernise, but what did you think? Well, only 3.5% believe that it works fine. Most of you are split between it works ok but needs modifying or it needs a lot of work. 11% believes it needs a massive overhaul and it is completely broken.

Onto regulation. Overall, the vast majority want to see the industry regulated. This is a similar story between landlord and Property Manager.

And when it comes to Property Managers, they overwhelmingly believe that landlords should undertake some basic training if they are to self manage. Just under 50% of landlords believe that this is a good idea.


Over 100 of you told us what you thought about the reforms and naturally, many were not happy. In particular, the 90-day no-cause was hotly disputed and commented on. Some landlords are saying that they are going to sell up. Only time will tell if that will be the case.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.