The Combination – Managing Residential Property in NZ & NZRPM L4 Digital Learner

$1,850.00 + GST

Get started with access to the Academy – the online course giving you comprehensive knowledge on the industry and ensuring you’re equipt to successfully manage a property portfolio. This is often completed to get you ready to complete your NZRPM Level 4.

You will also gain access to the materials available to the Digital Learner to complete your NZRPM Level 4.

Terms & conditions:
** Step 1: The trainee must complete the Real iQ Academy first.
*** Step 2: The trainee must be engaged in the property management industry before you can apply for the NZ Residential Property Management L4 Programme in accordance with the terms and conditions for The Skills Organisation. If “The Combination” is selected by the trainee who does not meet the criteria required (for step 2) the trainee will only be entitled to a refund @ 50% of the combination fee after Step 1 is completed.


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