Managing Residential Property in NZ: individual student

From: $60.00

Our most popular course ‘Managing Residential Property in New Zealand’ is delivered on Real-iQ’s online education portal The Academy. This course is built specifically for landlords and property managers who want to improve their knowledge on managing property in New Zealand and need to bring themselves up to speed on the latest rules, regulations and best practice.

This course delivers a combination of learning material including handbooks, training videos, webinars worth over $600, and online quizzes that will help extend and improve your knowledge and skills.

This course includes five easy to follow modules that cover all aspects of being a landlord and property manager in New Zealand. In each of the modules are a series of lessons, each with an online quiz that must be completed to progress onto the next module.

This course includes the following subjects:

– Module 1: Landlords and Investment
– Module 2: The basics of the Residential Tenancies Act
– Module 3: Marketing a rental property and signing up your tenant
– Module 4: Managing the property and the tenancy
– Module 5: Dispute resolution and keeping control

This course is perfect for:

– new property managers
– landlords wishing to keep up to date with best practice
– longtime managers wanting to brush up skills

Access our best selling webinars

We’ve included some our best-selling webinars into this course, giving you access to over $600 worth of additional content as part of your course materials

You’ll have access to:

    • Health and Safety at Work Act
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Investment Jargon
    • How to win at Tenancy Tribunal
    • The cost of being a landlord
    • How to do knock out inspections
    • Looking after your tenants
    • Healthy Homes explained
    • RTA Amendment bill 2 Webinar

Enrollment in ‘Managing Residential Property in New Zealand’ gives you 12 months access to complete the 5 modules and 17 quizzes.

You’ll be guided through every step of the way through our learning management platform.

After making your purchase you’ll be able to start right away.

Upon completing the this course – you’ll receive our Academy Certificate of Completion.

$549.00 + GST
$60.00 + GST / month for 12 months



Never before has managing residential property in New Zealand been so comprehensive. To successfully manage a residential Property Portfolio you need to have a comprehensive knowledge base which includes everything from a basic understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act through to marketing a property and signing up tenants to ensure a high-quality tenant-manager relationship.

The Real iQ Academy is our training platform for both residential property managers and landlords and will continue to grow to offer more training for a wider selection of roles within your business.

Our first and primary course available is ‘Managing Residential Property in New Zealand’ and includes a step-by-step guide to help you manage your Property Portfolio successfully and with confidence.

Supercharge your learning experience through our online education platform. The Academy has been designed to cater for all learning capabilities. Courses include different modules covering all aspects of property management. Each module will have a number of lessons with reading material, webinars, videos and downloadable booklets. At the conclusion of each lesson, you will complete a multi-choice online quiz. After successfully completing the quiz you will then go on to the next lesson.

Once you have completed the modules and successfully passed the 17 quizzes, you will be issued an Academy Certificate of Completion.

Following the completion of the course we would recommend continuing your education through the New Zealand Residential Property Management level 4 qualification.

The Academy will also be updated as legislation changes so you can rest assured that the Academy will always be relevant. If you are a member of the Academy, you will get discounted rates on other offerings through our store.

We estimate that there are between 20 to 30 hours of learning to complete the Real iQ Academy with a timeframe of six months to complete it.

Welcome to the Academy, and thank you for making New Zealand a better place to rent.

Who delivers the course and creates the course content?

This course has been developed by Real-iQ. Learn everything you need to know about them and what they offer here.

David Faulkner, owner of Real-iQ, is one of the most popular personalities within the Property Management industry throughout New Zealand. He is an industry leader working with REINZ and the NZ Realtors group. With over a decade of experience within the industry, David has done it all, from hands-on Property Management to leading a team of over 40 Property Managers. David has also overseen a number of rent roll acquisitions and is an expert in this field.

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