Marketing and New Tenants – Quick Fire Course

$195.00 + GST

There are a number of steps and processes that you need to follow if you are to successfully rent out your property for the best achievable rent to the most appropriate tenant in the shortest amount of time, while following the law and best practice. So Real iQ introduces our quick fire course – Marketing & New Tenants.

Ideal for new property managers, landlords or seasoned property managers wanting to brush up on the most up to date skills and platforms.

This quick fire course is made up of 4 lessons, consisting of 14 short topics and 4 quizzes to teach you how to market a rental property and sign up new tenants.

The lessons include:

  1. Marketing the property
  2. How to host a property viewing
  3. Selecting the right tenant
  4. The tenant induction process.

Lessons include a series of videos, written content and downloadable lesson material.

You’ll be guided through every step of the way through our learning management platform.

After making your purchase you’ll be able to start right away.


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