Marketing and new tenants - the rental property journey


There are a number of steps and processes that you need to follow if you are to successfully rent out your property for the best achievable rent to the most appropriate tenant in the shortest
amount of time, while following the law and following best practice.

This course is made up of 4 lessons, consisting of 14 short topics and 4 quizzes to teach you how to market a rental property and sign up new tenants. The lessons include:

  1. Marketing the property
  2. How to host a property viewing
  3. Selecting the right tenant
  4. The tenant induction process.

Lessons include a series of videos, written content and downloadable lesson material, so do explore each lesson.


To begin this course click on the first lesson, starting with Marketing a Property.

Within each lesson are a series of topics. You must read each topic and mark as complete before moving on to the next topic. The topic will be marked green once complete. Each lesson has a quiz – after completing all the reading material you need to complete the lesson quiz.

You must score a minimum 80% in each lesson quiz to progress forward. You can attempt the lesson quiz as many times as you like. Each attempt will be recorded in your report within your student account.

This course requires you to progress through each step chronologically.