Real-iQ’s vision for the Property Management Industry

During Christmas of 2015, after surviving my first year in business, I sat down and wrote down a plan as to how I saw the future of Property Management and what type of role I wanted to play in the industry. It was at this point I decided to develop a Training Business to support Property Managers throughout the country.  I simply wanted to make a positive impact on the industry that had given me so much pleasure and satisfaction. I had seen too many Property Managers in offices up and down the country struggle with a lack of resources, training and support. I truly believed that I could make a difference.

Real-iQ has come a long way in our relative short history.  I started off as a sole operator and now we are a small and dedicated team whom I am grateful to work with and who share my vision.

Recently, it was announced the REINZ, Real-iQ and The Skills Organisation were partnering to bring the Property Management industry the revamped New Zealand Residential Property Management Level 4 qualification. I have read some comments on social media sites, including our own which disapprove of REINZ’s involvement within the Property Management industry. Rather than respond to each post individually, I think it is important to make everyone clear as to how we see Property Management evolving and why we see partnering with REINZ as a hugely important way to support our industry.

Real-iQ partnering with REINZ

Last September, I first met the new REINZ CEO Bindi Norwell, and since then we have had numerous meetings where we have discussed the future of Property Management. I have been hugely impressed with her enthusiasm for Property Management and willingness to listen and learn. I have also been very impressed with the profile she has given our industry within the media. REINZ have made a real commitment to support the industry through advocacy, providing resources and now education.

In my opinion, they are the group that has the most political influence and are best suited to represent our industry. I have always shared their view that Property Management should come under the scope of the REA whom should be the regulator of the industry. There is simply too much cross over between Real Estate and Property Management to separate and have them regulated by separate bodies. I also do not share the views that Property Management should be self-regulated. When there are issues of poor practice that involve allegations against a Real Estate agent and a Property Manager, it would be far too confusing for the consumer to have to complain to two separate parties. Keeping the entire industry governed by one body is the only logical answer.

We believe that the New Zealand Property Management Level 4 Qualification will be the qualification of choice for the industry and our goal is to have the entire industry qualified or working towards it by December 2020.

We believe that by partnering REINZ, we will be providing the industry with the best resources, training and support and we will be actively promoting Property Managers to become members of REINZ.

I am fully aware that not all Property Managers and companies will want to be associated with REINZ. Consumers should always have choice and REINZ is no different. If people do not want to be a member of REINZ then I would encourage them to become a member of IPMA. Real iQ works with companies who are associated with IPMA and this group also does good work by its members.

I have learnt in business that you will not get 100% agreement from all parties. A debate is healthy so long as it is carried out on the correct platform. It should not be a case of us versus them, it should be a case of collectively sitting down and seeking the best way forward for our industry.

We are proud of what we have achieved in our very short history, but we are fully aware that the task of improving our industry has only just begun. We cannot do it alone and this is why we are proud to have partnered with REINZ, who we feel is best suited to lead the charge to regulate the industry.

As ever, we welcome your feedback.